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Brian Berg – Stacking the Deck

Have you ever tried stacking cards? What is the tallest structure you have been able to build with your cards? How patient have you been every time your tower of cards has fallen? You must agree with me that card stacking is a fun hobby, especially when you can build a three- or four-story building….


Cleaning list when time is of the essence

It has now become clear that the shift in power between the consumer and the marketer has begun, which has quickly passed power into the hands of the consumer. Consumers now have more options, more resources, and demand customization like never before. Email is no exception. If you are emailing an outdated or purchased email…

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What are the best paint colors for hospital walls?

There is almost no secret anymore that human behavior is heavily influenced by colors. Scientific studies have shown that our emotions and our mood are affected when we are surrounded by particular colors. Some make us more aggressive, while others have a calming effect on us. From psychologists to interior designers, everyone seems fascinated with…


Mercedes-Benz, a touch of class

90 years ago, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler founded the brand “Mercedes-Benz” in Stuttgart, Germany. After the First World War, the economy was so affected that the idea of ​​merging and building a society was seen as something that surpassed climatic obstacles. DMG and Benz & Cie., The two largest automobile manufacturers in the world,…