Real Estate

For sale by owner

The terminology “for sale by owner” implies a process in real estate transactions in which the buyer and seller carry out the property transaction without any intermediary. In general, real estate transactions, whether they are direct sales or for rental purposes, invariably have the intermediary or the real estate agent or broker, and it is…


Michigan State and Missouri lose the first game, and Miami and Florida State suffer discomfort

Both undefeated Michigan and Missouri saw their national championship hopes evaporate this week as the tough Iowa Hawkeyes dug in at home to crush the Spartans, 37-6, and the equally defensive-minded Nebraska Cornhuskers defeated the visiting Missouri Tigers, 31-17 When you add additional Miami-FL losses to Virginia, 24-19, and Florida State to North Carolina State,…

Tours Travel

Mobile Storage in Charleston SC

Need to clean your Charleston home? Do you have a lot of things you don’t use but don’t have space for? Then you need a mobile storage company in Charleston. Just pick up the phone and watch your storage problems disappear. Mobile storage companies in Charleston go the extra mile that regular storage companies don’t:…


3G technology in mobile phones

Third generation technology, better known as 3G technology, has arrived in the United States and is here to stay. What 3G does not do is have an obvious impact on the appearance, style or design of a cell phone. However, what 3G does is promise faster communication services including fax, voice, and even Internet services….

Home Kitchen

Unique Early American Furniture-The Pie Safe

The early 19th century cake safe was a wooden kitchen cabinet with several narrow shelves enclosed by fitted doors. Doors were made from a variety of materials, such as perforated tinplate, railings, screens, or fabric. Although the cake safe was made to protect candy from rodents and insects, the construction allowed for air circulation. The…

Digital Marketing

Write an original script that you can sell

To fully understand the scope of the TV and movie industries in their current forms, you should take a minute or two to explore TV provider guides, the Netflix dashboard, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO picks, for example. Consider the sheer number and impressive number of original shows and movies available to enjoy. Remember that these…