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An Introduction to the Magento eCommerce Platform

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform. An eCommerce platform like Magento allows a business to set up a website that sells products to customers online, while also providing an administrative interface where the business can manage its products, customers, orders, and more. Magento was first launched in 2008 and has since grown to become…


Bouncing from grass to grace

Do you know that you can recover from that terrible experience that you encountered in the past? The terrible and frustrating experience you had earlier was among the following. 1 Disappointment on the brink of success 2 professional failures 3 failed businesses 4 marriage failures 5 Lack of good and healthy health 6 depression 7…


What are the technology trends for 2014?

What can we expect from technology in the coming years? What are the IT technology trends? We should be informed about what companies are doing, what technologies they are investing in, and how technology is serving them. Some trends are not new, such as the so-called Internet of Things and cloud computing, but others are,…


Maintain a good company image and reputation with the help of conference and event organizers

Conference and event organizers are also known as conference organizers and event management. They work for corporate clients, the public sector and all other associations. Its services include all the management and organization of congresses, managing all the technical production and the management of events combined with congresses or carried out alone. Here are some…


Find cheap accommodation in Mauritius

Mauritius, one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world, has much to offer you during your vacation in this paradise island. Mauritius has some of the best beaches in the world, ancient cathedrals, world heritage sites, a unique lifestyle and the most hospitable population that adds an extra flavor to your vacation. To…

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General aviation in India, growth, opportunities and challenges

Introduction Aviation normally connotes a dichotomous division into: • Civil Aviation • General aviation. Civil aviation is further classified into: • Military • Government and private airlines (airliners). General Aviation deals with private aircraft owners, corporate-owned aircraft, flying clubs, small taxi operators, etc. Thus, General Aviation includes all aircraft not flown by the government and…


Reading in early childhood is essential

Children who are good readers at a young age are often well-rounded people. Young readers tend to do better in school, have better language structure, and have a healthy self-image as they become lifelong learners. Statistics show that nearly 40% of low-income families of young US readers are not meeting basic levels of reading proficiency….