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Parelli horse training

Pat Parelli is an American who has developed a philosophy of horse handling, called the Parelli Horse Training Method, based on the principle that horses are programmed to do the opposite of what you want them to do. This stems from the fact that, in the natural world, humans are predators and horses are prey….

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Starting with the Japanese onomatopoeia!

Learn Japanese easily! You may not be familiar with the word “onomatopoeia,” but it describes a type of word that you probably use all the time. Do you say things like “bang”, “smack” or “woof”? If so, you’re using an onomatopoeia, which is simply a word that sounds like the things or action it describes….


How to structure an interview

As an interviewer, your job is to find out everything you can about the candidate. Your best chance of doing this in an effective, efficient, and legally compliant way is to take a structured approach to interview structure. The interview is a structured discussion aimed at obtaining information about the skills and behavior of the…


How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Junk Cars

In today’s throwaway society, garbage and pollution have become one of the biggest problems facing humanity. Recent years have seen the advent of green organizations that advocate for recycling and friendlier environmental practices. Landfills have many disadvantages and pose a huge threat to the planet’s ability to survive. Junk cars can also become an environmental…

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Influence of film noir on The Virgin Suicides

Teenage suicide was not unknown before the 1990s, but its increasing cases during this period led people to recognize the problem. Schools even began posting materials to educate students and parents about the phenomenon. the virgin suicides tackles this sensitive issue head-on. Sofia Coppola combines elements of her own style with those of classic film…

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lose weight eating cucumbers

Is it really possible to lose weight just by eating cucumbers? These common green vegetables are indeed a useful addition to your weight reduction diet. Cucumber is one of the most common salad vegetables. You can usually get them all year long. However, they are best from May to July. The best ones to eat…