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How to make burgers with a grinder

Thinking of making your own beef, venison, pork, turkey, or chicken burger? One way to do this is with a meat grinder. The process of making your own burger with a grinder is quite simple. Here are the steps: prepare the meat The first step involved in the process of making hamburgers with a grinder…


I should have stayed with my ex

If you have questions about whether you and your ex should have broken up, you’re not alone. Many others have felt the same way. Second thoughts are typical. The key is to analyze the reasons you are giving yourself for WHY you think the relationship was meant to be after all. If your ex was…

Legal Law

The 10 best podcasts for journalists in 2016

It’s no secret that the world of podcasts experienced a huge renaissance in 2015. It’s never been easier to download your favorite podcast to take it anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. Podcasts are an indispensable journalistic resource, and they will become more so in 2016. The modern journalist simply has to keep up with…

Real Estate

5 sources of financing, for a down payment

While living happily in a particular home requires much more than just financial considerations, the reality is often that unless/until you can meet the economic/financial needs, including down payment and money needed for closing costs/expenses, you won’t be able to address these other requirements/needs! After more than a decade as a licensed real estate seller…


Simplicity Vacuum Reviews

For home use, Simplicity sells uprights and canisters. While not as popular as other brands, Simplicity vacuums are known for their build quality and strong suction power. These American-made machines surprise many with some features they have and some they don’t. Whether one will be right for you depends on what you are looking for….