3 lazy ways to make money online

It’s fine I understand it. you are lazy Not only are you lazy, you’re ridiculously lazy, but you also want to make some money. So I’m going to go over what I found to be literally the laziest methods of making real money online that actually work. So follow me let’s pass

3 lazy methods to make money online.

Let’s focus on how you can be super lazy and make money online. So the first method It’s kind of obvious that you’re taking surveys, okay? Just sit back and basically fill in what you know, answer personal questions about things, a really simple site where you can start taking surveys.

It is through Amazon. So if you look at Amazon, there are many different jobs you can do to make money online. They don’t pay that much. They are very simple and basic tasks that you can… You know, like detecting objects in an image and it will cost you 30 cents. I mean it can’t get lazier than that. You’re just detecting images of objects to see what’s going on there. That sounds super lazy. So here’s another basic lazy task you can do that you know you can describe a fact.

Describe a fact and they pay you 20 cents, 3000 people have already done it. They give you instructions on how to do these things. So pretty lazy stuff. Once again, these are basic tasks. You don’t get paid much, but you can make a couple bucks an hour doing this and be totally lazy sitting, mind numb on your computer.

let’s review a lazy second thing So playing video games is another super lazy task that really requires very little thought time or money to do.

And the way you’d make money if you’re just going to play video games is you really want a live stream yourself, okay? You would like to stream live on Twitch and you can make donations from people. So go to twitch.tv and you’ll see that you can also play poker on Twitch, but a lot of people watch Fortnite.

You know Fortnite is popular. And you see, there are some of the great people who have thousands, thousands of people watching them play video games. Now to get big on Twitch or any of these platforms, YouTube, YouTube live streaming, you have to be constantly lazy, you know?

That’s the kind of annoying part that you have to constantly be lazy and just play video games and live stream yourself or else you won’t get an audience and you know, the more animated you are the better, but if you’re just a bum in the sofa and you’re not doing anything, unless you’re a super hot girl wearing some really cute anime-like outfit, you’re not going to get a lot of viewers. Again, like all these things, there are ways to be lazy effectively, but playing video games online at least gives you the opportunity to get people to donate or generate ad revenue on twitch TV.

So he third way to make money online being super lazy, just play poker. He plays poker with low stakes. Screwing. You know you could play poker online. Obviously you can make money playing poker in real life, but you can also lose money and what I’m going to show you is a super simple way to make money playing poker with really no chance of losing. And that would actually be an affiliate marketer for poker shows and live streaming on YouTube. You can stream live on YouTube just like you do on Twitch.

So you see millions of poker parties that you can stream live playing poker. And how would you make money, you could make money on Twitch through ads, but what I’m going to show you is a more effective way of live streaming on YouTube. I don’t see many people doing this and I actually think this would be really effective. I don’t know why people don’t do this. But what you’re going to see here is that you can get people to sign up to play poker online and this company, 888poker, has paid out over $207,700,000 for affiliate marketers who have referred new players.

You know, you can get between $100 and $250 per player who signs up to play poker at 888poker. So it’s almost like they’re a sponsor of your poker game, but based on performance. And look at that amount of money. That’s a beautiful big number right there. So it’s very easy to play poker online and refer other people to play poker online too.

there you have it 3 Easy Lazy Way to Make Money Online. Sorry, it took a bit of time with that last example. But I hope this was informative, 3 super lazy ways to make money online. Again, if you don’t want to invest a lot of time, thought, or money, I just gave you 3 super easy ways to get started.

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