Badges, Buttons, and Widgets: Oh my gosh! Methods for linking Twitter and the website

There is a simple solution for Twitter users who want their website or blog visitors to follow them on Twitter as well. It’s finding and getting a Twitter badge, button, or widget to place on your website or blog. These options provide a one-click hyperlink from the website/blog to the corresponding account profile on Twitter. From that Twitter profile, the person reading the website/blog can choose to follow the account on Twitter.

Insignia they are cute clickable icons that can be placed on a website or blog to encourage visitors to also follow a Twitter account that is related to them. Badges typically display the last Tweet sent from the selected Twitter account. Clicking on the badge will usually open the account’s profile on Twitter so the reader can easily follow them. Visiting will provide a selection of badge backgrounds, customizing it to match your Twitter account and copying the results of the HTML code to paste into your website or blog.

Buttons they are like badges in that they are clickable icons that take the reader to a particular Twitter account they can choose to follow. However, the buttons do not show tweets. Possible sites to check out Twitter button options and editable code include,, and If these don’t offer a desirable option, try an Internet search for “Twitter button” or “Twitter icon” to find more options.

widgets they’re a professional-looking way to put multiple tweets from a particular Twitter account on a web page or blog site. This is especially true if the page is about the person or company the tweets are from, as a profile widget will have a link to the account that readers can click to easily follow them on Twitter after reviewing a few tweets. . Other widget options include the ability to start a Twitter search without being on Twitter, share Tweets about a web-related topic or blog content from a selected Twitter list, or share favorite Tweets from an account’s timeline. personal. Go to to easily create a widget and get code.

Twitter badges, buttons or widgets are an easy solution for Twitter users who want their website or blog visitors to also follow them on Twitter. With any of these solutions, a visitor to a particular website/blog can simply click to follow the selected Twitter account.

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