binaural beats

Binaural Beats are not a new fad. They have been researched for 170 years. The brain goes through several frequency cycles each day, and each frequency produces different effects on human consciousness. This information allows us to understand how the brain works so that the frequency of reception and operation of the brain can be modified by sound waves. The ear cannot respond to sound frequencies below 20 Hz, however the most effective brain frequencies are below 20 Hz. Binaural Beat technology uses the brain’s internal wiring to produce these frequencies which are perfectly accurate.

By transmitting different frequencies into each ear, the difference between each side, ie. one ear 200hz and the other 207hz, the difference is 7hz. The brain will compensate for this and produce a third tone at exactly 7 Hz and the brain will tune to this lower frequency.

Each set of recordings is completely different and tuned exactly for the desired response. These are not subliminal recordings. Subliminal recordings are unfounded while binaurals are tried and tested and work right out of the box. These effects you get instantly with binaurals are real and backed by science. These beats alter the frequencies of your brain, putting your brain in the correct state to absorb, allowing the subliminal programming to be greatly enhanced.

Every brain is different and some are more susceptible to suggestion and others are more stubborn. You will get results. Some people report “wild experiences” while others are more mild. You should expect physical effects. Some of the most common are:

1. Feeling heavy

2. Total relaxation

3. Vivid visualizations

4. Separation of the conscious and subconscious

5. Relief of anxiety, stress and tension

6. Sedated

Binaural Beats is safe and there is no evidence that it causes any danger to listeners. It uses exactly the same frequencies that we are in contact with in our daily life and allows you to reach the required mental level instantly. If you suffer from heart problems, psychological problems and other abnormalities, you should first consult your doctor.

Use only at home and never listen to them while driving or operating machinery.

brain frequency graph

Extensive studies have been done to find out which frequencies trigger brain reactions. They have produced incredible results linking metaphysical abilities to exact frequencies. The following chart shows the 4 most common brain wave classifications. Each can be divided into frequencies that each affect a different part of the conscious and subconscious mind. There are many different variations within each classification, and studies show that different combinations of these frequencies produce certain effects.

Frequency range Name Associated with:

13 to 40 Hz Beta waves Active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration

7 to 13 Hz Alpha waves Relaxation (while awake)

Theta waves from 4 to 7 Hz Dreams, deep meditation, hypnosis

  • astral projection
  • visualization of the aura
  • chakra tuning
  • ESP / Psychic
  • Health
  • Hypnosis
  • Lucid dream
  • Meditation
  • past life regression
  • shaman consciousness
  • Spiritual guide
  • Telepathy
  • and more, including addiction, weight loss, etc.

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