Black and white E-series smartphones: Nokia E71 Black and Nokia E71 White

While most of Nokia’s mobile products that have grabbed the limelight have been the traditional N-series models, here’s an exception. Nokia has introduced another new entry in the E series. Most of the E series mobile phone models have not been very successful when it comes to the feature of US 3G bands.

The two previous models, the E62 and E61i, have been popular but haven’t been impressively successful. This is probably the reason why most of the people do not prefer to invest their money in the E series. However, the latest offer from the Nokia manufacturers will change the opinion of the people about this product.

The new Nokia E71 is available in both white and black color variants, the black edition is network exclusive with the orange network while the white edition can only connect to 3 network packs.

Both phones offer the exact same specs, but they swap out the outer case cover to match their model name and there’s an additional graphite gray edition of the Nokia E71 that’s open to all networks, so it’s not just a simple decision on which color to choose for the purpose. more what network.

Nokia E71 review:

keyboard details

Moving on to the keys section, proportional is the word that best fits to describe the order of the keys. The center selection key also functions as a notification light. The border around the middle key will light up automatically in case the phone reports any missed events to the user. The notification light will not dim until the event is cleared by the user or the notification time (can be set manually) expires, whichever comes first. The best thing about this little devil’s appearance is the fact that he is surprisingly skinny. Considering the fact that none of the features or style have been compromised, one wonders how its creators managed to pack all the features into such a small space.

The e71’s screen is 320×240 wide and extremely sharp. Although users may feel that it is not as bright as the N95, the good part is that it is easy on the eyes, making it an ideal device for intense web browsing or watching a movie on it. The phone’s connectivity isn’t as efficient as its European counterparts; however, GPS is supported by the network. Other features include Wi-Fi 802.11a,b,g, Bluetooth 2.0.

Audio and video delight

The E71 also has a single speaker located at the top left of the phone. The sound is fine for alerts and ringtones, but the phone lacks bass. The USP of the E series is your email service. In addition to the normal protocols supported by POP3/IMAP, the phone also has Blackberry Connect and Goodlink. The E71 has also received a visual makeover in the messaging app which is nice too. However, the phone still lacks support for HTML email.

The QWERTY keyboard is the only aspect that acts as a brake due to the incorrect placement of the keys. Typing on this keyboard isn’t exactly child’s play, as the keys aren’t exactly positioned according to QWERTY keyboard standards. This makes typing difficult, especially if one is not constantly looking at the keyboard. All said and done, it’s a pretty decent phone, definitely a lot better than its predecessors.

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