Change your mood by changing the color of your kitchen cabinets

“The Tennessean” recently published an article titled “The true colors of a house can affect its mood.” There, it was reported that when a couple decided to “design their living space in bold colors,” they painted their “kitchen cabinets bright purple with lime green accents.” The result? The couple now “wake up every morning and appreciate being” at home.

The mood, however, is not the only thing that affects the color. According to the Paint Quality Institute, “There is certainly a psychology of color. Color affects our mood, our appetite, our energy level. Years of research on the response to color have shown that certain colors elicit specific responses and, often strong “. And since we spend so much time in the kitchen, it stands to reason that the color of our kitchen cabinets can have a strong impact on us as human beings.

Before deciding to change the color of your kitchen cabinets, you may want to consider these color theories.

o Because “they evoke images associated with heat, such as fire or the sun, colors such as red, orange and yellow” make us feel warm in a psychological sense. “More specifically,

– Red kitchen cabinets produce “feelings of intimacy, energy, passion and sexuality. They also” stimulate the appetite. ”

– Orange kitchen cabinets are “friendlier than fiery and cozier than seductive.” As a result, they “warm a room, but in a less dramatic and passionate way” than red kitchen cabinets.

– Yellow kitchen cabinets “catch the eye and catch the eye.” In the right tone, they also lift your spirits. Be careful of too bright a yellow, though, warns the Paint Quality Institute. “Bright yellow can be too strong and can actually cause anxiety.”

or “Due to its references to pastoral landscapes and ocean views,” cool colors like blue, green, and purple “elicit feelings of peace, tranquility, and relaxation.” More specifically,

– Blue kitchen cabinets are calming and suppress our appetite. Therefore, they are a good option for homeowners who are watching their weight.

– The green kitchen furniture makes us feel at home. Nature’s dominant color, green, has a calming effect. The Paint Quality Institute suggests that “mid-range greens are a great accent for kitchens and dining rooms,” making that shade ideal for kitchen cabinets.

– Violet kitchen cabinets elicit a favorable response from children, but the “rosier shades of purple” are “somewhat more attractive” to adults.

So what does all this say about the couple from “The Tennessean” who painted their kitchen cabinets bright purple with lime green accents? The violet base color indicates they’re still kids at heart, while the lime green accents hint at their sunny, nature-inspired disposition.

What do your kitchen cabinets say about you? If they’re not setting you in the mood and response you’d like, get out a can of paint and a brush and start smearing on a new color. Brighter new, not to mention kitchen cabinets, will thank you for the effort. After all, “The way you react to color and the way you express your preferences may have a lot to do with your sense of self,” notes “The Tennessean.”

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