Cleaning list when time is of the essence

It has now become clear that the shift in power between the consumer and the marketer has begun, which has quickly passed power into the hands of the consumer. Consumers now have more options, more resources, and demand customization like never before. Email is no exception.

If you are emailing an outdated or purchased email list, it is a serious waste of time and money. It is becoming crucial now more than ever for marketers to make sure their lists are clean and up to date.

Why your list should be clean

Email security services, Internet service providers, and spam monitors set the path for what constitutes a proper email campaign. Spam complaints, undeliverable messages, and unsubscribes should be controlled below these thresholds to avoid unnecessary attention. Sending emails to an unrated list generally tends to result in account suspension from your email platform, fines, and terrible marketing results.

Why isn’t your email platform a list cleaner?

An email platform has a duty to manage established thresholds for undelivered messages, unsubscribes, and spam complaints. If your email list is outdated or unmanaged, chances are there are a large number of all three. In these cases, your email platform could suspend your account. List cleaning is a good way to maintain a reputation for reliable shipping and deliverability rates.

Email platforms help monitor the status of a list throughout the life of an email campaign. They take into consideration and measure data on bounce rate, deliverability, and unsubscribe rates to give you a read on your list. However, they do not have the ability to perform advanced cleaning on their lists.

How do you keep your list clean?

There are several options for keeping your email lists clean. One option is to be strategic with potential clients. Lead scoring and rating solutions automatically check and evaluate each lead and their compatibility with your business and then assign them to a list accordingly. Another option is to let the recipients decide if they will receive emails. Asking for and obtaining their permission first ensures that your list is filled with recipients who are interested in receiving your content.

When you decide to launch your next email campaign, be sure to take the time to make sure your email list is spotless. It will ensure more responses, increase engagement, and help improve your reputation with ISPs.

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