Critical Thinking: Is There a War Against Conscience?

Today, most people live in countries that offer 24-hour news coverage. Thanks to this, there is no reason why any of the citizens living in a country like this should miss out on what is happening.

When someone pays attention to the mainstream news source, or even an alternative news source, they are observing what is happening “out there.” In other words, what is happening will have nothing to do with them.

The experience

Still, whenever they pay attention to one of these sources, there is a chance that they are generally not feeling very well. If you step back and reflect on what is happening, you may feel anxious and fearful, or angry and full of rage.

On the contrary, they may find that there are also times when they feel nothing. What this will likely show is that this will be a time when you will be emotionally disconnected and lose contact with your body.

Just an experience

Now, regardless of the experience someone has when consuming the news, it could be said that the thoughts they have and how they feel will have no effect on their life. Sure, they may experience negative thoughts and feel a little scared, depressed, or angry afterward, but that will be it.

Then they will get on with their lives and it will only be a matter of time before they get their next dose of news. The word “dosage” may not seem appropriate, but one might be addicted to looking at this source of information.

Another point

Apart from this, for the time being, one could also live in a country that is relatively safe and where one has a certain amount of freedom. Unlike some of their ancestors, they will not be attacked or at war with anyone.

As a result of this, they will live in a world very different from the one that many of their ancestors inhabited. Sure, they may have to stay well, not because of a virus, but that won’t be the same as being in a position where they fight for their lives.

The same old story

However, although it may appear that they, along with their fellow citizens, are not in a war, what if they are not? What if they, like some of their ancestors, are in a war but this war does not involve the weapons of yesteryear?

What if, in the same way, that a car is often used instead of a horse to get from one place to another, a new approach is also being used to subjugate a population? What if this new approach requires no weaponry or even physical strength?

A new phase

Naturally, if one’s view of war only involves weapons and physical force, it can be challenging for them to accept that there could be another way. At the same time, it would not be accurate to say that this approach is completely new; if anything, it is an old approach that is now widely used and yet largely overlooked.

This approach is less about controlling people from the outside and more about controlling them from the inside. Another way of looking at this would be to say that it is about controlling your consciousness.

The key area

Hearing this, one might believe that this is a somewhat airy fairy and wonder what this has to do with everything. One way of looking at consciousness would be to say that it not only relates to someone’s inner world, but to their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that define how often they resonate, but define what they will see externally.

Therefore, if an external source can influence someone’s inner world, they will be able to control how they experience life. In other words, their inner world is essentially a garden, so whatever is in this part of them is what will end up showing up in their outer world.

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The missing link

The problem is that if someone sees himself as a mere observer of his reality, he will not be able to realize what is happening. What they see “out there” is not going to have anything to do with what they receive from mainstream media and other sources, and what ends up being brought to life by their own conscience.

Without this understanding, you will be nothing more than a passive observer rather than a co-creator of what is happening. What this emphasizes is that for something to exist ‘out there’ and affect a lot of people, there needs to be a lot of people who are in a certain place internally (resonating at a certain frequency) or else it wouldn’t be able to materialize.

The great deception

In addition to living in a society that tells them both directly and indirectly that they are an observer of their life and a victim of circumstance, they also have a selfish mind that sends the same message to them. Consequently, it will not matter what they allow in their mind, as it will not affect their life.

However, as they are not simply an observer of reality and what they feed into their mind has an effect on what they experience; it will be imperative that they are aware of what they consume. This will prevent them from giving up their power and feeding on a reality that does not serve them.

Final thoughts

Perhaps the main reason someone would see themselves as a mere observer in their life is due to having experienced trauma. What trauma does is separate someone from your body and make them live in your mind.

Being in this disembodied state, they are likely to have a very materialistic view of life and it will not occur to them that what they can perceive with their five senses is simply a consequence of consciousness. The result of this is that consciousness will not even be recognized, much less ignored.

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