Dayan Vizcaido would fix left field and Reds’ budget problems

Although they didn’t land free agent outfielder Melky Cabrera, the Reds could certainly benefit from signing a great multi-year contract with the White Sox. Cincinnati could finally get a right-handed power hitter to play left field.

Trade rumors swirled around the Reds making a deal with Boston for Yoenis Cespedes, who was instead sent to Detroit. Cespides would have been a good fit, especially with fellow Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman, but the slugger’s $ 15 million for 2015 may have put him outside of Cincinnati’s price range.

The White Sox now offer a cheaper version of Cespides in left fielder Dayan Vizcaido’s uniform. In fact, he can swing a bat even better than Cespides for more than $ 10 million less per year.

Vizcaido hit 21 home runs and 58 RBIs last year, stats likely to improve at Cincinnati’s hitter-friendly Great American Ball Park. Meanwhile, Cespedes hit just one more home run than Vizcaido, splitting time between Oakland and Boston.

“The White Sox are going to trade Dayan Vizcaido for someone,” said Bruce Levine of The Score. “It’s excess baggage for them and great home run potential for someone else, still only 26 years old.”

Cincinnati could fill Chicago’s need for an infielder to add depth in both second and third, positions that are currently the weakest parts of a fairly strong team. The White Sox plan to use prospect Micah Johnson at second, but a trade for Kris Negron from the Reds would give Chicago a backup plan in case Johnson struggles.

Negron was impressive with regular playing time in September, finishing with six home runs and hitting .271. He can also play third base, where Chicago’s Conor Gillaspie saw his power numbers cut in half last season.

The Reds must act quickly if they are to negotiate for Vizcaido. The Mariners have already been in aggressive trade talks with Chicago about left fielder. Cincinnati, as a National League team and with a promising youngster, would be a more desirable business partner for the White Sox.

While nearly all of the Reds’ deals so far this winter have helped their minor league system, this one would fill an immediate need. Vizcaido’s salary of $ 2,800,000 would certainly fit within the Cincinnati team’s budget, and the Reds would not give up any of the everyday players who have helped the team reach the postseason three of the last four seasons.

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