Ditch the bodybuilding gym and try sandbag training to gain massive muscle strength and stability

Every day more and more people are turning away from the boring traditional machines and weights of the gym and turning to the most primitive methods of training to obtain huge gains in strength. This may include sandbag training, tire flipping, carrying and lifting heavy objects, and rope pulling. In my opinion, the most versatile training tool is the sandbag.

Combat athletes, sports teams, fire departments, the military, as well as Cross Fitters and Seal Fitters are quickly realizing the benefits of sandbag training. With sandbag training, elevation is never truly “linear.” For example, in a clean and press, lifting a barbell is easier with the weight balanced and centered. This is not so with an ever-changing sandbag. It requires the load to be really muscular, activating the large muscles as well as the small stabilizing muscles. The sand also spreads over a wider area. To illustrate this point, the next time you visit a hardware store, take a 50-pound bag of sand and place it on your head. It feels almost double that of a loaded 50 pound barbell.

The versatility of the sandbag is also what makes it a great training tool. They take up practically no space and can be stored in the corner of a room or in the trunk of your car. No more missed workouts on the road or when you’re short on time. A 15 minute circuit will absolutely explode your muscles unlike a weight training at the gym. One of my favorite sandbag circuits looks like this:

-5 minute warm-up to jump rope

5 rounds

– 10 SANDBAG BURPEE PRESSES (Go down with the sandbag in your hands, do a push-up, clean and press the sandbag)

-10 SHOULDERS ON EACH SIDE (hold the sandbag on each side of your head and lift and lower it to the other shoulder)

-10 SANDBAG SQUATS (hold the sandbag behind your head on your shoulders, squat as low as you can and get back up, make sure you maintain good form)

-10 SANDBAG TABLETS (Place the sandbag vertically in front of you, squat down and lift the sandbag, wear it up to your shoulder and put it back in. Do it again from the other side.

-Sandbag Ruck (2-5 minutes, pick up your sandbag, place it on your shoulder and walk or jog with it. Trust me, this is much more difficult than it sounds!)

With sandbag training, a lot can be accomplished with almost no equipment and in a very short time. A virtually indestructible 1000 denier sanity sandbag will provide you with many years of excellent training and faithful service. Feel free to email me for a free sandbag exercise pdf file at [email protected]

Happy training!

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