Dutch Ovens – The Basics

The Dutch oven is perhaps one of the most versatile cookware of all time. The first sign of use of Dutch ovens is said to date back to the 1600s in the Netherlands. It has been used in various settings throughout history and is still used today to boil, steam, fry, and even bake foods. It is very popular with campers as it provides the ideal way to cook hearty meals for the whole camp.

Some people are intimidated by the idea of ​​cooking with this wonderful oven, but it really isn’t necessary. It is very easy to cook, as well as to clean and care for. The recipes are very easy to make, so anyone with or without cooking experience can easily prepare a meal. The hardest part is getting through the first recipe and then all the others will feel like second nature. You can cook all kinds of meals, from breakfast dishes to tasty dinner roasts. Your food options are virtually limitless.

The type of care you will need to take with your dutch oven will depend on the type you have. Most manufacturers recommend that you never use soap on them, just warm water and a brush. It’s best to read the manual that came with your dutch oven to see what is recommended for your particular oven; so you know exactly how to take care of it.

Here is a delicious campfire recipe to treat your family to when the night draws to a close.

Devil’s Cherry Cobbler
What do you need:
1 oz of cooking oil
1 stick of butter cut into patties
1 20 oz bottle of Dr. Pepper soda
3 cans (22 oz each) cherry pie pastilles
2 boxes Devils Meal (18-19 oz cake mix)

To do:
Open the soda and let it deflate. Coat the dutch oven with the cooking oil and pour the cherry filling into the bottom of the oven. You only need half of the bottle of soda, so drink it or pour it over and pour the other half into the oven. Then, pour the cake mix on top of the Dr. Pepper and cherries. Be careful NOT to stir the mixture. Pipe the patties of butter evenly around the top of the mixture and place the lid on the oven. You will need coals for this recipe while the oven is baking. Cook for 35 to 45 minutes total, but be sure to check and turn the oven over after the first 20 minutes. You’ll know when it’s done as the side of the cake will peel away from the oven. The trick to serving this is to turn the cake scoop upside down on the plate so that the cherries are now on top. Enjoy!

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