How to box a swarm

A great aspect of any fight is the clash of boxing styles. An opponent’s style dictates how a boxer should prepare and fight.

Although a boxer may be at a disadvantage simply due to the combination of styles, it is important to realize that each style has weaknesses and ways an opponent should approach the fight.

This is a guide on how to beat an infighter or swarmer.

How to beat a Swarmer or Infighter

Fighting a swarmer, or “infighter,” can be a daunting experience for a new boxer. Swarmers are considered the most exciting boxers to watch for a reason: they are fast, throw a lot of punches, and get knockouts. It’s not the most fun to face as an opponent.

Defeat a spinning Swarmer

A swarm fight is based on constant forward aggression. If you can get rid of this move, it will always be to your advantage. This is why when fighting a swarmer, footwork is incredibly important.

By spinning, you can throw your opponent off balance and at the same time open up gaps for you to hit. Several strategic moments to employ a pivot are:

  • after a clinch
  • After sliding a punch
  • After launching a counterpunch
  • After landing a hook or straight

Defeat a Swarmer by faking retreat

Swarms like their opponents to continually retreat so they can take advantage of the holes they expose in their defense. However, they are not used to opponents approaching them with their own momentum.

One way to take advantage of this is to feign a retreat, but then step forward with a heavy blow. As the swarm approaches you, or when he throws a punch, step back with your back foot and slide your front foot to follow. Then immediately step forward with your front foot as you jab, and throw a hard straight/cross as your right foot slides forward.

This can sometimes cause a knockout against a swarm because your strong cross can catch its head just as it moves towards you.

Defeat a Swarmer by working the rivets

Because swarms fight at close range, they grapple more than other boxers. Swarmers use the clinch to momentarily open holes in your defense, clinching themselves and then landing a quick uppercut.

When fighting a swarmer, you have to be careful with their clinching tactics and counter them with your own. Spinning is an extremely effective way to break out of a clinch and avoid his blow while exposing his head for your own blow.

Defeat a Swarmer by counterpunching

When a swarm advances, it usually does so with a flurry of blows. Because his first strike is immediately followed by two more, it discourages many opponents from trying to counter.

That’s not to say that counterpunching isn’t an effective means of stopping a swarm. If the swarmer is leading with a 1-2-3, and you slide the jab and follow through with your own cross, even if his next punch lands, he’ll be incredibly weakened.

Don’t let his flurry of blows scare you from counterattacking. When you land your counters, move or pivot right after. Swarms have good barbels so they will look to start moving forward again, but if you have changed direction it will push them further away.

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