How to Make a Brand Ambassador Resume (Even If You’ve Never Been)

So you’ve decided that you want to get a job as a Brand Ambassador, which is, by the way, the real term for the job mentioned above. You may also hear these people called promotional role models, which is similar, but slightly different in terms of expectations and job description. Whatever your choice, you will have to show a resume to the agencies. The only problem is, you’ve never done this job. Almost all Brand Ambassadors and Promo Models work through an agency, which helps them acquire these jobs at events and accounts. A good relationship with an agency starts with showing them what you have to offer first!

Think of a Brand Ambassador resume like a sales and marketing resume. Most people, at SOME time in their life, have worked in sales. If that sounds like you, no matter how long it’s been, put it on this resume. What was your job description? Were you helping customers on the floor with clothes or products? Perfect, add that to the resume. Did you work on commission? Great! This shows that you are driven by sales! It is important to consider what small tasks may look like when making a resume for Brand Ambassador work. Agencies want to see that you have had experience in attracting the general public to buy something. If you’ve ever worked in marketing, this is extremely valuable too. This shows agencies and future employers that you are informed. Learn about market trends, consumer trends, and what competing products offer. Even if your experience had NOTHING to do with the kinds of things you see Brand Ambassadors promote, that’s fine. Knowledge is still valuable. Explain what you did in this position, if you were some kind of team leader or project manager, drop it!

Let’s say you’ve never worked in sales or marketing. Our last tip is to let them know your people skills! ANY job is going to require people skills. Even if you had a job pumping gasoline (assuming you found a job at a gas station that still pumps gasoline to the customer …) you were interacting with people, making their experience a good one, from start to finish. Explain how you made each interaction a positive exchange between the consumer and the manufacturer. Did you work in a daycare? Talk about how this honed your problem solving skills and your ability to avoid conflict and find a happy balance between all parties. You don’t have to say the “parties” were five years old! Have you ever held a secretary position? Talk about how your organization and your IT skills keep you on task and goal oriented. Work on your personal interests when you can. Are you a runner? You are perfect for working at the registration table in a charity run! You play videogames? You will be amazing at a gaming convention! Agencies want to get to know you, and there are countless professional attributes that serve you well in this industry, including being tech-savvy, multilingual, speaking well, and much more.

You will find that the most important part of this job is arriving on time, well educated about your brand, with a smile and a stellar work ethic. Like any job, your reputation will grow and that will open even more doors for you. With these tips, you can cultivate a resume that opens that first door and says “I’m here and you WANT to hire me!”

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