How to make your child sleep through the night

We often hear parents wondering how to get their child to sleep through the night. It is a common challenge for parents. As for newborns, they usually wake up every few hours during the night in search of filling their small stomach.

As the child grows, it is not dependent on night feeding. This is the stage when most parents think their child will sleep soundly through the night. But it doesn’t always happen.

Babies or young children cannot sleep through the night without waking up in the middle unless they learn this skill; yes, sleeping is a skill. So instead of turning to traditional remedies, here are some clinically preferred solutions that will answer how to get your child to sleep through the night.

Here’s how to get your child to sleep through the night

Your baby may experience various problems during sleep. If any of the problems occur, or if your child is just having trouble sleeping, the following are the steps you can take.

1. Establish a proper bedtime routine. It is not too early to get newborns into a programmed sleep routine. In fact, it helps them from an early stage to be able to sleep through the night without discomfort.

2. While your baby is about to sleep, wrap him in a nice light blanket, reassure him, swaddle him, give him a little hug. That gives them a sense of security and helps them sleep without fear. Refrain from these activities while you sleep, that will only disturb them.

3. Train your baby to calm himself. That means, when your baby cries in the middle of the night, give him your time, but limit it. That way, they will know that it is still time to sleep.

4. Reduce nighttime feedings. Whenever their baby wakes up in the middle of the night, most mothers report feeding him to go back to sleep.

However, if your doctor “approves” you to stop nighttime feeding, gradually inform your baby that he will not be able to feed himself if he cries at night.

5. Make sure your room has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Noises and bright lights will never help a child sleep. Keep the light as low as possible.

6. Always follow proper bedtime routines. No matter how much your baby cries at night and runs away from sleep, a parent should never forget that the night is for sleeping, for the baby and also for the parents. Therefore, you need to stick to a routine.

7. Be patient. Your baby may not get into the routine soon or start to sleep soundly at night. Still, don’t give up on your parenting and start doing activities with them. Be patient and keep working on your sleep patterns.

Following all of these activities is the perfect solution to make your child sleep through the night. However, in any serious or unusual behavior of the child, contact your doctor.

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