How to turn a PowerPoint presentation into an Animoto video

Most people know how to create a PowerPoint presentation, but many do not realize that the same presentation can easily be turned into an Animoto video, which can be posted on YouTube and used as a video marketing source. The following information will identify how this is easily accomplished.

When creating a PowerPoint file, I would recommend keeping it small and concise (no more than 12 slides) and making sure the font is large enough so that it can be easily read when the video is being viewed. Once your PowerPoint is done, save it as a .ppt file (nothing special here, you just need to have a copy on your computer).

What we are going to do now is save each slide of our PowerPoint as an image, in the easiest way. Create a folder on your desktop where your images can be saved. Open your PowerPoint file and then go to File> Save As> Other Formats or in the File> Save As choose dialog GIF Graphics Interchange Format (* .gif).

Note: Make sure to save the * .gifs in the folder created earlier.

Click on the Save in PowerPoint and the images will be saved inside the folder you created; you will now have 10 to 12 images saved.

If you haven’t already done so, create a free account on Animoto. Choose to create a video in Animoto, select a free background. A preview of the background will be displayed. Click on the link that says “make a 30 second video for free”. You only need a free video to use, but you can pay if you want a longer video.

The video interface will appear. Click on the Upload images and point it to the folder where you saved your PowerPoint * .gif images. You may need to adjust the arrangement of your images in Animoto; you can even add slides, if needed. Select or upload the music for your video.

Click on the Finalize and you will be given the opportunity to enter information about your video. This is where you can enter SEO terms and other variables to help your video be used for video marketing. Once finished, click on the Create video button. Once the video has been created, you can choose to export the video to YouTube. Once on YouTube, you can add additional information useful for SEO and video marketing.

All in all, this process takes 5 minutes or less, but it is very effective. For help with this or for more information, feel free to visit our website or email us.

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