Ice cream, chocolate and anxiety

You say it: these three words don’t seem to have anything in common. Anyway, I have to wear them together, while doing it.

In fact, I found out from people who suffer from anxiety that many of them have more anxiety symptoms when they eat these sweets.

The same can be said for coffee. Drinking contributes to anxiety. If the coffee is taken as a short espresso, as the Italians do, it does not influence the nervous system. On the other hand, if you make your coffee American-style, too much caffeine dissolves in the water and then can harm you. If you limit your intake of this coffee, that’s fine. Limiting it means not drinking more than a maximum of two cups. If you have the same problems with these foods, try not to eat them.

There are many other good sweet nutrients or stimulating drinks or foods that do not harm your body and especially do not harm your nervous system.

Instead of eating ice cream, try a soft ice cream that is less cold. Or try drinking ovaltine instead of eating chocolate. By the way, the ovaltine is now also available as a crunchy snack. It does not harm you and it also provides you with some vitamins. The ones that are good for the nerves. And it does not contain white sugar. Sugar as such is good for people with anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. However, it is better to use fruit sugar or cane sugar instead of white sugar. You can also find cookies made with fruit sugar.

Ginger root can also be a good alternative. It’s not sweet, but it gives you the boost that you would otherwise get from coffee. Try ginger root dipped in a syrup (sweetened). You have to get used to the taste. If you like it, it will help you in many ways. First, it stimulates you when you are very tired. It satisfies you with its sweetness. So it helps you boost your immune system. It won’t eat loaded trucks, which is good for its weight.

Just a little piece of chocolate (possibly the dark one) can calm your system and help your brain. Protects your heart and blood vessels. The chocolate should be dark, that is, do not eat milk chocolate. The cocoa it contains must be above 80%.

You see, there are many good foods that can help you overcome anxiety and stress. If eaten in moderation, they do not cause any weight gain.

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