Mercedes Benz internal code revealed

Mercedes-Benz has a rather complicated lineup of internal codes, with a bewildering combination of letters and numbers to symbolize each vehicle. It started out as a simple combination of letters and numbers, but the introduction of newer models created a new list of internal code lineups. The combination of letters and numbers used to correspond to the engine’s displacement, but that is not always the case today. This is a quick guide on the meaning of all letters and numbers.

One class:

This is the smallest car in the Mercedes brand range that has been appropriately given the first name of the alphabet. The code name is W176, with “W” for a four- or five-door passenger car.

Class B:

Class B is the second smallest because it is quite evident how it got this label.

Class C:

Class C labeling gets more complicated. It is internally christened W205 and is also called S205, where S stands for pickup truck. On upcoming models, the coupe will also receive an internal code of C205 and A204, with “C” as the coupe and “A” as the convertible.

Class E:

The E-class consists of more than one model, with an internal name of W212. However, the truck gets the S212. The E-Class coupe is not called C212 as would be supposed, but C207. This is because it has more in common with the previous generation C-Class 204. The “E” in the E-class used to mean “injection” in German.


The S-Class means “special class” in German because this great sedan was and still is the top-of-the-range vehicle in the Mercedes range. Its code is called W222, while the S-class coupe is called C217. Convertible futures will be called A217.


The CLA is marketed as a four-door coupe with a codename C117, much to the confusion of many Mercedes Benz fans.


This is also a four-door coupe, with the internal code name of C218. The cross version is called X218.


The SLK is the smallest roadster in the Mercedes line, with code R172. The “R” stands for roadster.


The SL roadster is actually a lot like the SLK and appropriately named R231.

With the addition of many Mercedes Benz vehicles in the future, the internal code name is bound to get complicated very quickly. The code names can be difficult to memorize at first, but once you get the hang of them and understand why the codes are given to vehicles then they will be quite understandable.

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