Object Lesson: Purpose-Built Golf Balls

This is a practical lesson on using a golf ball to share the gospel and teach children that if you really love God, you will show your love to others. The Bible verse used to reinforce the teaching is 1 John 4: 7-11.


(Show the golf ball.) What was this ball made for? (Being hit by golf clubs and thrown into a hole.) You and I were created for a purpose too and that purpose is to know God in a special way and love him.

This ball was not produced by accident. A lot of study and work went into making this ball to fly as far as possible. The core material (which cannot be seen) was designed to be the right size, shape, and weight so that it could be hit long distances. Some are also designed to give the ball more spin and give a good golfer more control. The cover material also had to be designed to perfection. It has to be smooth enough so that there is less friction as the ball moves through the air and strong enough to be hit by golf clubs. Even the number, size and shape of the dimples on the ball have been thoroughly studied. They even have a specific purpose.

You and I didn’t arrive by accident either. In Genesis 1, God’s Word makes it clear that he created us. He didn’t make us just to do something; he had a reason. He wants you and me to get to know him in a special way and learn to truly love him.

There is no waste of material on a golf ball. Each part has a plan and a purpose, even the parts you can’t see. Hours and hours of study and work have gone into making this ball, all for one basic purpose; that the golfer can hit the ball as far as possible without breaking it. You and I were also created for a purpose: to know God in a special way and to learn to love him. You begin to fulfill that purpose when you believe in the Lord Jesus as your Savior from sin. (Share the gospel message.)

Once you’ve believed in Jesus, that’s just the beginning. To learn to love God, you have to get to know him. The way to do this is to spend time each day praying, reading, and studying the Bible and letting it be a part of your daily life. In 1 John 4, God tells us that we should love one another because love comes from God. Since he loves us, we must pass that love on to others. When you show your love to others; your love for him will continue to grow. If you really love God, you will show his love to others.

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