Yoke-Thay Pwe, Burmese Puppet Theater

The theme of the Burmese theater ‘Pwe’, in general, and the Burmese puppet theater ‘Yoke-Thay Pwe’, in particular, is definitely very interesting but also very complex. Therefore, it is difficult to sufficiently deal with it in the form of an article. After all, entire books with hundreds of pages have been written on this subject….


Section 8 Tenants? Dos and Don’ts for Homeowners

Section 8 is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assistance program for low-income families that provides housing payment assistance to families based on their ability to pay for housing expenses. Section 8 programs are administered by a Public Housing Authority (PHA); either the State, the local city housing authority, or the county housing commission. The…

Home Kitchen

Why Granite Kitchen Countertops?

Many Americans have found that granite kitchen countertops are the ideal surface option for their kitchen countertops and islands. If you are like many Americans, you probably plan to remodel your kitchen in the near future, including replacing worn and outdated kitchen countertops. In previous years, you were limited to painted, vinyl-coated, or synthetic options…