Parelli horse training

Pat Parelli is an American who has developed a philosophy of horse handling, called the Parelli Horse Training Method, based on the principle that horses are programmed to do the opposite of what you want them to do. This stems from the fact that, in the natural world, humans are predators and horses are prey.

Pat talks about teaching your horse to catch you. If he can get his system to work, by all accounts your horse will come flying, neighing all the way toward you. That will make any horse owner’s day better, I’m sure.

This trainer’s work is an excellent reference guide for horse enthusiasts at any stage of horsemanship. While his writing style shows the signs of a true showman, beyond the hype of himself lie important insights and techniques that have, repeatedly, proven extremely beneficial to all kinds of horse people.

Parelli shows what the result is but does not teach step by step. If you want to train step by step we have heard that Clinton Anderson shows each little step and he does it with two horse ends.

Pat Parelli is one of those people who seems to have the ability to hypnotize horses. How else could he appease a mustang in front of a crowd and ride his horse without a bridle? Plus, he can do it to order!

Pat’s nephew has this to say, we understand; “He is my uncle and also my boss, and working with him and his wife Linda every day has given me incredible insight into the nature of horses.” Others have said; “What I have learned about the horse and the human relationship parallels much of what I try to live every day in my relationship with God.”

Pat’s philosophies and concepts are based on a language of trust, leadership and respect, and a special bond between horse and human.

The Parelli horse training method is just one of several training systems available to men and women that teach natural horsemanship techniques. The Horse Whisperer, if you’ve seen the movie or read the book, is loosely based on another natural riding trainer.

Parelli shows us in his methods that he is primarily a western rider and does ‘western’ things, but is still an expert at groping!

Linda Parelli is a primarily English rider, she is mainly into dressage, but she is also a master when she pulls off a turn or sliding stop!

Pat Parelli is a great exponent of natural dressage as the best way to train horses. He has devised a method for educating rider and horse as partners in a joint riding venture that doesn’t need expensive equipment or round pens, or even enclosed arenas. So his techniques can be used by everyone.

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