People who buy tasers online are rarely involved in being mugged

If you’re one of those guys who hates getting mugged, maybe buying a Taser online is something you should consider. Taser, like Band-Aids and Jelly, is actually a brand name that people often use to generically describe other similar devices of this type. Make no mistake though, there is only one Taser and it is made by Taser International.

Tasers work by firing small spikes attached to the wires of the weapon and then these spikes hook onto the assailants’ clothing and/or skin. The projectile is fed by small compressed nitrogen cartridges similar to those found in many paintball or pellet guns. Although Tasers available to law enforcement often have a range of more than 30 feet, Tasers available to citizens are limited to 15 feet. Once the spikes attach, an electrical current can be administered, but not lethal. This high voltage current incapacitates the aggressor by disrupting the body’s natural neuromuscular algorithm. In layman’s terms, this simply means that the offender’s body is no longer responding to signals from the offender’s brain. He or she loses control over their own body until the individual holding the weapon stops the current. Contrary to some beliefs, this device does not work by administering pain but simply by disabling the offender’s ability to function.

Tasers, like any weapon, will now and always be surrounded by some controversy. They were introduced as non-lethal and in the vast majority of cases they are just that. Not only is this weapon non-lethal, it rarely leaves its “victim” with lasting injuries. The same certainly cannot be said for a firearm. Even if an assailant is not killed by a firearm, they will now be left with a hole in their body that will likely require a trained professional to close it. Tasers and stun devices are much more humane than many of the weapons out there and I will argue that point with anyone anytime. If I were to be the kind of scum who would try to attack another innocent person, then I would hope for my own good that the person I was cowardly enough to attack was himself human enough to defend himself by tasing me instead of than a gun, bat, knife, sword, steel chair, etc. Do you see my point?

Having said all of this, a Taser and the choice to carry one should never be taken lightly under any circumstances. They are as effective as any non-lethal self-defense tool, but can also cause serious injury or death if used irresponsibly or in any way other than their specific and intended use, which is to protect the innocent.

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