Ten book choices to use for business gifts

Have you ever come across a business book that is referenced over and over again or that others say they continually reread or use as a resource? So why not consider giving the business gift you keep giving in the form of a good book? There are so many great new books and classic titles to meet all kinds of business needs.

Here are ten unique ideas to consider as gifts that help with common business problems or facilitate a person’s professional growth. These books are not listed in any particular order.

1. Any business professional can use a presentation book to become a better speaker in front of co-workers or clients.

2. Anyone can use more efficient and effective meetings, which is why a meeting management guide is also a great gift for business team members or clients.

3. Time management is important to any professional individual, which is why a book on this topic is often appreciated, as even the best planner can get new ideas.

4. If the person receiving the business gift is a new manager, supervisor, or team leader, a book that guides you in your new role may be an alternative to consider.

5. Many professional individuals and teams need help setting goals and performance, as well as plans to achieve them. Therefore, a planning or goal setting book can be helpful.

6. Conflict management or resolution is another business issue that many individuals and teams may have to grapple with, so this is another option to consider when looking for a gift book.

7. Another business topic that is often overlooked is communication. Consider books on how to improve interpersonal communication or how to write business communications for those who may need it.

8. Negotiation skills are important to salespeople, but books on this topic can also be helpful to other professionals.

9. Most people like to think about how they can help their community, as well as their own personal growth, so be sure to check out a book on how to make life matter or self-esteem.

10. People who travel a lot on business and spend a lot of time waiting for meetings may find a book of essays or short case studies from other professionals to be an easy and useful read, as they can be taken in small amounts as time allows.

When considering the best business book to give away, think about any complaints or concerns the recipient has raised in the past and look for a title on that topic or area. The person who receives the book as a gift will appreciate the fact that someone remembered their problem in addition to receiving the gift.

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