The central theme of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad – Look for Assets, Not Liabilities

Rich Dad Poor Dad has been reviewed by many writers. The book, written in 1997 by Robert Kiyosaki, immediately became a hit. The concepts expressed in it are the basis of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad book series.

Rich dad Poor dad expresses a number of concepts that seem contrary to accounting for established rules of finance. Robert Kiyosaki defines an asset as anything that puts money in your pocket and a liability as something that takes money out of your pocket.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, and indeed throughout the Rich Dad series, Robert Kiyosaki encourages his readers to look for assets and avoid liabilities. This is the key message for those who want to get rich and prosper financially.

Based on the definition of assets and liabilities is the concept of making money work for you instead of working hard for money. Money works steadily and diligently for a wise homeowner and multiplies beyond expectations. You can’t get rich working for money.

You earn passive income when you get your money to work for you, a concept that is extensively explored in Rich Dad Poor Dad. Passive income is the foundation of wealth as it leverages your efforts. After setting up an income stream, you continue to make money while you sleep.

Rich Dad Corporation has three main shareholders: Robert Kiyosaki, his wife Kim Kiyosaki, and Sharon Lechter. All three are co-founders of RDPD Corporation, under which they have produced a variety of RDPD books.

Kim Kiyosaki has written her own Rich Women, Poor Women line, which is based on the same basic principles expressed in Rich Dad Poor Dad, but is aimed at a completely different audience. Mounted on her husband’s back, Kim Kiyasaki’s books have also been very successful, attracting millions of satisfied readers.

Robert Kiyosaki has influenced the lives of millions of people around the world through his books, helping many to become aware and shed the frills, thus removing responsibilities from their financial life. He has conducted millions of seminars and training programs. He is dedicated to educating humanity in business principles and the management of personal finances, thus helping them to lift themselves out of poverty.

The Rich Dad series offers many practical examples of how to grow money using real estate, the stock market, and business. The books confirm Robert Kiyosaki’s qualities as an educator and motivator, and his understanding of economic and monetary concepts. Employing skills as an educator and his knowledge of money matters, Robert Kiyosaki has been able to build an empire on the concepts expressed in Rich Dad Poor Dad.

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