The twin pillars of success

You’ve studied and tried them all: “The Secret,” “The Law of Attraction,” Goal Setting, Affirmations, and other more traditional success methods and nothing has worked for you. At this point you have reached a level of disgust with the entire self-actualization movement. You may have read my reviews of programs and wondering how I can conclude that these programs work and work. With that said, then you decide that there must be something wrong with you and this leads to an even deeper depression.

The fact is, all the programs that I have given a positive review work and, in reality, there is nothing wrong with you: you are capable of achieving unlimited wealth, success and self-realization beyond your wildest dreams, but not they have told you. the complete history. You haven’t been taught how to build the foundational foundation necessary for these programs to work for you, and without this foundation it’s all for naught.

It is a lot like building a house. If you build your house on a sand foundation, the first big storm will devastate your house, but if you build on a solid concrete foundation, the house will withstand the strongest storms. Self-development requires the same kind of foundation and I call this foundation the two pillars of success.

Faith is the first pillar to build that foundation. You must have faith to create the reality of your dreams. Not just faith in yourself, but also faith in all of humanity. If you look back at the history of mankind, the consciousness of mankind has been constantly expanding and growing. We have come a long way since slavery was considered an acceptable practice. That’s just one example, throughout human history, the evolution of consciousness is the natural course of our species, just like the universe itself is constantly expanding.

As part of building this first pillar of success, you must also develop faith in yourself. No matter what you have accomplished in life, that is simply a taste of what you really are capable of. Understand that you have only scratched the surface and are capable of far greater achievements. This is an internal path. You must eradicate all the self-limiting behaviors that you have been taught to accept and then you will realize who you really are. It is this deep and abiding belief in yourself that will lead you down the path to true wealth, success, and personal fulfillment.

The second pillar of success is dedication. Too often, I hear people say that they are going to try a new self-improvement program and I know early on that they are destined for failure. Once you have researched a program and developed the faith that a program will work, you must dedicate yourself, heart and soul, to the implementation and completion of that program. It matters little if you buy a personal growth program or develop your own program, if you dedicate yourself 100% to its application, you will achieve success.

No one ever succeeded in trying anything. It takes dedication to be successful. I see that many people face failure after failure because they move from one program to another, never committing to actually working on a program to its fullest extent. Build on this foundation and your life will become an incredible testimony to the joy of true wealth, success, and personal fulfillment. Joy, not depression, is our natural state of being, but you need a solid foundation to achieve this state.

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