Uses for Cabinet Knobs

Importance of cabinets in the urban home

Closets are very important in the home. Those who are passionate about home decor go to great lengths to install the right cabinet designs and styles. They are useful in every room and therefore need to be chosen carefully, in sync with the rest of the furniture.

Kitchen gabinets

The kitchen cabinets are the most used. They are used to store utensils and cutlery, as well as dry food and kitchen equipment.

Wardrobes in the bedroom

In the bedroom, the cabinets are used to store winter clothes that are used only a few months a year. Extra bed accessories and shoes are other items that are stored in the closets here.

Living room cabinets

The living room cabinets are stocked with books, televisions, DVD players, and music equipment. Music CDs and speakers require separate cabinets here.

Wardrobes for children

The children’s rooms have closets for their clothes, toys, and academic supplies.

Bathroom cabinets

These are used to store a variety of things like soaps, shampoos, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, and even medicine. There are separate for towels and toilet paper.

Cabinet Knobs

Knowing this, you must realize the importance of cabinet knobs. These knobs are purchased in bulk as they are required for each compartment of cabinets installed in the home. However, you can spice things up by using different cabinet knobs for each room to maintain your individual style and theme.

For the wardrobes in the living room you can choose something sober such as metal or wooden knobs. They are easy to clean and maintain. Glass knobs are also not a bad idea, especially if used for cabinets that are used less. This reduces the chance of breaking them. They also look great.

For the kitchen you must be careful with the choice of cabinet knobs. These knobs are widely used a great number of times every day. Things are continually being taken out and placed in kitchen cabinets, making them susceptible to easy damage. Therefore, these knobs must be sturdy and capable of withstanding harsh environments. Heat, oil, and humidity in the air in kitchens can damage wood and metal. Therefore, using ceramic or glass knobs is a good idea.

Storage or laundry room cabinets typically hold cleaning agents and mops. The best types of cabinet knobs to use in such areas are the ones that are made of waterproof materials.

Children’s rooms are great for experimenting with knobs. Cartoon characters, alphabets, and youth icon figures are great ideas for cabinet knobs in these rooms. If your kids are too old for such youthful ideas, you can always install sports and entertainment figure knobs.

Knob placement

One of the important aspects of cabinet knob installation is their size. You don’t want them to take up half the size of the cabinets; it is also not allowed to have them so small that you cannot even grip well to open the door. Measurement is the key in this case. Placing them is not a Herculean task as long as you have a precise procedure and a steady hand to drill through the nuts and bolts. However, you can always hire professional help to do so if you don’t want to risk it. Since they are only available in sets, if they fit incorrectly, there is no way to replace individual parts.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the style of the knobs with the overall d├ęcor of the room in mind. They can add an interesting touch to the overall look and attract a lot of positive attention.

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