Virtual Restorative Yoga YTT: Healing From Within

Restorative Yoga YTT

Yoga is a physical and mental workout that improves balance, flexibility, strength and focus. But it can also offer emotional relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety. Emotional relaxation is critical to overall well-being and can prevent a variety of health problems, including high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, backaches, lowered immune system and depression. Fortunately, many people are finding relief from these problems through the practice of restorative yoga. This type of yoga involves lying down and practicing various poses that are supported by blankets, bolsters, pillows, blocks, straps and other props. This type of yoga has been shown to help rebalance the nervous system, alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and boost immunity, among other benefits.

If you are interested in learning how to teach restorative ytt online, consider a virtual teacher training. These online programs are flexible and can be completed at your own pace, allowing you to fit them into your schedule. They also include live meetings and Q&A sessions via Zoom, which are similar to office hours that a professor would hold at a college. In addition, they provide a comprehensive downloadable manual and access to recordings that are yours to keep.

The Virtual Restorative Yoga YTT: Healing from Within is a two-part teacher training that is designed to support you as you cultivate your own restorative practice and guide others online and in person. It covers a variety of topics, from understanding the anatomy of the body to teaching in a supportive, restorative manner. The course is led by a certified yoga instructor and offers an interactive experience. It is suitable for both new and experienced teachers alike.

Virtual Restorative Yoga YTT: Healing From Within

This YACEP-certified yoga teacher training is a 30 hour online course that can be completed at your own pace. It is a comprehensive program that covers the basics of restorative yoga, from the history and philosophy to the different types of props used in this type of yoga. It also discusses the health benefits of restorative yoga and teaches you how to use a variety of props to create different therapeutic experiences for your students. The course is ideal for yoga teachers who want to offer students a holistic way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Led by experienced instructors with a wealth of expertise in both yoga and the healing arts, this program offers a nurturing environment for growth and learning. The curriculum encompasses a range of topics, including the science of relaxation, breath awareness, and the therapeutic benefits of each posture. Participants will also explore the subtle energetics of restorative yoga, deepening their understanding of the mind-body connection.

What sets this Restorative Yoga Certification apart is its holistic approach. Beyond the physical postures, students will learn to create an atmosphere of true sanctuary. This involves understanding the importance of ambiance, lighting, and incorporating elements like calming music and aromatherapy. Graduates of this program not only master the technical aspects of restorative yoga but also become skilled in crafting an environment conducive to profound healing.

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