Why do Americans need to choose people who have HOPE?

While there were many differences between the messages, rhetoric, actions and apparent priorities, during 2017 to 2020, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, one of the essential concepts and an important difference was, meanwhile, most of his predecessors , communicated a message, of HOPE, The possibilities and value / values ​​of the American way of life, Trump’s emphasis, seemed to be more polarizing and antagonistic in nature! When our citizens have hope and believe, we are moving in a direction that aligns with all of our constitutional guarantees, rather than merely and selectively benefiting all of us, and so is the United States! It seems, today, that the level of polarization and partisan politics may be, at the highest level, in recent memory! Doesn’t it make sense for us to choose, individuals, with the essential quality of character, which emphasizes the greater good, the search, a meeting of minds and inspires us to unite? ? With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and why it is important.

one. Audience; healing; human; heart head: Only when we are ready to proceed, listening and listening, and emphasizing, healing and seeking, a meeting of the minds, will our nation move in the best direction! Public leaders must be human and prioritize the common good, rather than any personal / political agenda and self-interest, and represent all of their constituents, and not just their main supporters! This requires, effectively, using the best of one’s logical and emotional components, in a relevant balance between the head and the heart!

two. Optimistic; optimize; options; opinions; open mind; opportunities: Slogans often tell us a lot about a candidate. For example, Trump’s Make America Great Again indicated that his belief, the nation, was no longer great, and he blamed and complained, but rarely came up with real solutions! We need leaders who will try to optimize circumstances, events and efforts, understanding, a variety of options, and choosing wisely in a well-considered manner! One’s opinions are not the same as facts, and you need to proceed, with an open mind, to take advantage of the best opportunities, etc.

3. priorities; perception; passion; politics: Rather than emphasize politics and any particular political agenda, our priorities should address issues and perceptions, with personal passion, concern, and faith for the future!

Four. Empathy; emphasis; efforts; to enrich; Excellence: Why don’t we look for more public officials, who clearly proceed, with genuine empathy, and put their emphasis accordingly! One’s efforts must enrich the nation, our citizens, and do so in a relevant and sustainable way! He must consistently proceed with the highest degree of genuine excellence!

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to choose people who give us, HOPE, instead, to polarize and divide us! Will you become a more responsible citizen and vote?

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