Why is visual marketing so important?

Visual marketing is the use of images, colors, videos, signs and symbols to attract potential customers to your products and / or services. Studies by 3M Corporation have shown that we process images 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, using visual marketing will communicate your message to your potential customers much faster and much more efficiently than using plain text.

You see visual marketing everywhere. T-shirts, billboards, delivery trucks, buildings, etc. are all examples of visual marketing. But the internet has opened up a whole new world of visual marketing and we must realize the importance of using everything it has to offer.

Reading the data below will help you conclude that visual marketing is a necessary part of your marketing campaign.

1. Emotions: we make purchases based on our emotions and images appeal to our emotions. Think of an image of the American flag. What emotions does that provoke? How about a photo of a soldier returning home from war with his baby in his arms? The real image of this causes much more emotion than if we read the text that describes it. Marketers know this and use it to their advantage.

2. Visitors who see product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who don’t. (Internet retailer)

3. Blog posts with a visual image can attract up to 3 times more traffic than a plain text post. (SEOmoz)

4. Having images on your website can increase your unique monthly visitors by 200% – 300%. (Attivio)

5. Brand: Would you be more likely to notice the gold arches or a sign that said MacDonald’s? I know that for me and for many others it would be the visual rather than the text. Visual branding is one of the most important aspects of visual marketing. What do you think of when you see an apple that has been bitten off? How about a red and yellow shell or a curved check mark? These images have programmed our brain to think of one thing and it works!

6. Pinterest is a social site that primarily uses images. With that in mind, according to comScore, Pinterest shoppers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites. Studies also show that when it comes to revenue per click, Pinterest outperforms both Facebook and Twitter.

7. Articles with images are viewed 94% more times than plain text.

8. Social Media – Using photos and images on your social sites will dramatically increase the interest in your posts and the response to your posts.

9. By using images on your website, it is possible to double your conversion rate.

10. In effect, visual marketing will get you more traffic, increase your conversion rates, and make your business more successful.

* Note: Always make sure to use images legally. You cannot just copy and use any image you find on a website. Always check the license terms and usage specifications. Some terms only allow non-commercial use and other similar limitations.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” I don’t know if the person who said this was referring to marketing, but in the marketing world he is 100% accurate.

So if you’re not using visual marketing yet, get started now and “see” for yourself the difference it can make to your business and your success.

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