World Of Warcraft Horde Leveling Guide – Joana’s – Burning Crusade – Outland

This is not your usual guide, it takes you exactly step by step, provides links to a plugin of maps, videos to see your technique, and tips on a variety of things from assigning talent points to maximizing time played.

This guide is fully updated for the Burning Crusade expansion pack and more content has been added and is now fully updated for patch 2.3 which came out recently. It has Outland 60-70, Horde 1-70, Blood Elfs levels, and more.

Joana has proven her credibility and was the first to hold the leveling record – she has proven her skills on various servers and has honed her time and skills as new patches came out.

Your guide will recommend it therefore. For the less skilled and even the skilled, this is an excellent resource. It also has videos to accompany the instructions. The instructions are clear and well thought out.

This guide is also good for those people who due to lack of time do not have the ability to solve things easily and then can have a lot of fun leveling up quickly and some may not get there because they are looking in the wrong places and / or they are using wrong fonts and techniques.

One of the key features that I liked about this guide is that it offers lifetime updates, which we know is a huge bonus.

Priced at $ 37 for a guide that will be constantly updated as new patches are released, I think it’s really a bargain. Especially when you consider that there are players who easily spend so much money to buy gold and amazing characters every day!

A resource like Joana’s guide allows you to experience the game and you don’t have to do a quick run, you can also practice trading skills and you can do it and level at a reasonable pace.

Overall, this is a very fine guide that will provide you with a lot of fun, and in turn, your friends and foes will be impressed with your mastery of these levels 🙂

I was looking for some negatives about this guide, but couldn’t find any. I’m just waiting patiently until I decide to go out with the Alliance leveling guide.

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