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Seven characteristics of a good IT provider

You may be considering hiring an information technology provider to manage and support your company’s computer system. Perhaps you have grown tired of doing the work yourself, or perhaps the provider you have now is not satisfactory. Here are seven features to look for in your technology support partner: 1. Technical expertise Of course, your…


Succeed as a rap artist

How the internet has changed music forever We are living in one of the best times right now, the Internet age. Because of this, the music industry has changed and now anyone who has a passion for rap can be successful and make a living from it. You no longer have to go to an…


Parenting 101 – 10 keys to raising children

All adults who have children know that it is a challenging and extremely rewarding experience, especially as children grow up to be responsible, independent, caring and productive adults and parents in their own right. After helping raise my own kids, being a professional martial arts instructor since 1979, teaching thousands of kids, and helping other…

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5 good financial tips for newlyweds

Your wedding vows bind you and your spouse with an emotional and financial bond that needs to be strengthened throughout your lives together. Therefore, sorting out your financial situation as newlyweds will lead you to a lifetime of marital financial bliss. After all, financial security is just as important as emotional well-being among married couples….