Commonly Suggested Remedies for Ear Pain

A viral or bacterial infection of the middle ear is called acute otitis media. It is usually the result of a complication of an allergy or a common cold. This type of infection is more common in children. However, the symptoms and treatments are basically the same for older children and adults.

With acute otitis media, your ear will feel sore while displaying a red, bulging eardrum. Depending on the severity, most people are cured of this infection without the need for antibiotics or treatment. However, since ENT doctors cannot predict which infection will clear up on its own, ENT doctors still prescribe antibiotics like Amoxicillin to all of their patients, especially those who experience it severely or if the symptoms have not disappeared after 72 hours. .

Since pain relief is vital, most doctors also prescribe pain relievers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen like Tylenol. However, if there is persistent or severe pain accompanied by fever and a bulging eardrum, the otolaryngologist should perform the myringotomy.

The otolaryngologist will create an opening in the eardrum to drain fluid from the otitis media or middle ear. This opening will heal over time; no treatment is necessary. Therefore, the procedure will not affect hearing. Therefore, for those who frequently experience acute otitis media, ENT doctors will suggest that the tympanostomy or drainage tubes be placed inside the eardrums.

These days, more and more people are becoming practical and self-sufficient. Although it is a general rule not to self-medicate, especially with children, there are those who still prefer conventional ways of healing themselves.

Here are some of the most common earache remedies:

Herbal drops

These drops have various oils, specifically garlic oil. Garlic is known as a natural antibiotic, which means that it possesses antibacterial properties. Initially, you need to warm the bottle in a cup of hot water, and then put 3 drops in the infected ear. You can use a hair dryer for about 3 minutes on a low setting. Next, use a hot-folded wash cloth that is placed inside a zip-lock bag. You should do this about 3 times to 4 times a day.

Heating pad

Place a heating pad under a pillowcase. You can lie down and take a nap or sleep for a while.

Tiger balm

Gently spread some tiger balm along the outside of the sore ear canal. Apply some balm up to the neck below the sore ear. You can also put a warm, wet compress on your sore ear and go to sleep for a bit.

Peroxide and alcohol

Using a small stopper, mix approximately 50% peroxide and 50% alcohol. Then drop it onto the sore ear. You will see some bubbles. When it stops bubbling, flip it over and let it drain. You can repeat the procedure when necessary. This will not only warm the ear, but it will also kill bacteria.

Cotton swab and olive oil

Dip about half a cotton swab in warm water and olive oil. Gently place the bud inside the sore ear and let it sit for a while. After a few seconds, take it out.

Steamed potato

Cut a potato into two parts. Heat half the potato in a microwave until very hot. Place the hot potato on a cloth and allow the steam to flow into the infected ear canals. Let the steam flow until the potato is cool.

Salt in a sock

Place a skillet over low heat and pour a little salt into the pan. Then put the hot salt inside a clean sock, place the sock on your sore ear. You will feel relief in a few minutes.


Put some alcohol in a mug and heat it in a microwave for about 5 seconds. Let cool for a few seconds and gently drop a few drops into the sore ear.


Blow gently through your nose while keeping your nostrils closed. Using a hair dryer, set it on low setting and point it towards the sore ear from a distance.

Alcohol and white vinegar

Apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the sore ear. Then apply a few drops of white vinegar before going to bed, for about 10 minutes. Your sore side should be the top. After a few minutes, move the urn so that the sore side is face down and you lie on a warm damp towel. Wait until the towel cools down, reheat it and repeat the procedure for about 4 times.

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