How to grow your biceps and triceps: get bigger arms

All the fitness-loving guys who have ever been in action movies want big arms or have wanted big arms at some point in their lives. In fact, most men exercise their arms first when they join the gym, it’s just one of those testosterone-powered things that haven’t been seeded by evolution if you believe in that kind of thing. Big arms are a sign of masculinity and guys like to show how alpha they are by the size of their arms.

The mistakes we make when it comes to building big arms

One of the first workouts we do when we join the gym is the bicep curl; It doesn’t really matter if it’s the barbell or the dumbbell curl. We have the misconception that doing bicep curls is all it takes to build monster arms. Yes, at first your biceps will respond and grow due to the beginners gains (anything you do at this point stimulates growth as you were not used to it), but soon the beginners gains stop and you have to find other ways. to achieve growth and you will notice that your arms are not as big and thick (across) as you would have liked them to be.

The other thing we don’t do is not exercise other parts of the body, which is a really bad move because if you want to show off the proportional part you have to exercise other parts of the body. Imagine Arnold without his big chest and shoulders to support his massive arms, he would not have looked like the role and he definitely would not have won the Olympia or the role of Conan the barbarian.

The third thing we do is that we train too much and don’t give our muscles enough time to recover and grow, doing the same workouts and exercising the same parts of the body day after day. This is usually your biceps at first, so you don’t get the maximum growth you expect from the amount of work you do.

And finally we don’t eat good (healthy) food or drink enough water, instead we drink too much coffee, juice (not fresh juice), sodas, and alcohol. Drinking colas and other similar beverages throughout the day won’t do you any good, and drinking beer (too much like binge drinking for college and high school kids) is counterproductive. Drinking water will do you a lot of good. Eating junk food will not help you build lean muscle mass, in fact, because you will eat more because you exercise, eating junk food will also increase the amount of fat you gain.

How to get big arms:

Having big arms is more than training your biceps, it is about training your entire arm, which also includes your triceps, if you exercise your triceps, your arms will be bigger because your triceps are bigger than your biceps (haven’t you? Ever wondered why triceps have ‘tri’ and biceps ‘Bi’ as a prefix).

Also, you should train the large parts of your body as this will help to make your arms bigger because training the large parts of the body like your back and legs helps release hormones that make you grow bigger and help you get stronger. This can be done by doing exercises like squats and deadlifts that exercise the whole body.

A man with big arms and no chest and shoulders never looks good, so it will be better for you to focus on those parts of the body as well, not only will it make you look better, stronger, but it will help the other parts of your body recover because you will train each part of the body on a different day. This helps prevent overtraining, your body will get plenty of rest and recover and grow.

Drinking plenty of water will allow your blood volume to increase and improve the transport of nutrients throughout your body. Proper nutrition will ensure that you minimize fat gain and maximize muscle gain because your diet will help repair and develop new muscle cells.

So, you will see that having big arms is not just about curving weights, there are other factors that influence your growth and how much you grow in terms of fat and muscle gain. If you follow these guidelines to grow your arms, you will notice the difference in your body and strength levels in the weeks to come.

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