Shirtless Teen Idols

The sight of Zac Efron fully dressed in the High School Musical franchise is enough to make a dozen fans swoon with joy. Robert Pattinson, working his magic on screen, whether as a vampire riding a Volvo or a Quiddith player with a broom, is easily regarded by women as a supreme symbol of male perfection. What else if these teen idols go shirtless on screen?

Let’s face it: the best way to get a girl’s attention is a man’s wavy abs, beautifully shaped biceps, and soft chest, especially when they belong to gorgeous shirtless teen idols. They may look like the prudish, innocent kids you can take home to mom, but underneath those shirts are perfectly sculpted muscles that can rival those of statues of Greek gods.

Aside from the fact that they can be used to repopulate the world during human extinction due to their amazing genetic makeup, these teen idols offer more than just their looks: TALENT. Not only are they the best eye candy for women, but they can also act, sing, and become a true vanguard. These teen idols are the complete package. Take, for example, the hottest heartthrob of 2008, Robert Pattinson. He’s handsome and all, but it’s this natural acting talent and drive to make good movies that earned him the roles of a lifetime as Cedric Diggory and, recently, Edward Cullen. His good looks and acting skills are perfect for mainstream and independent films. This is why you always get the best of both worlds in terms of film roles. One time he’s a heartthrob who takes Bella by storm, and the next he becomes the prodigious painter Salvador Dali.

Other shirtless teen idols considered more phenomenal than his beautiful bare chest are the Jonas Brothers. Comprised of Kevin, Joe and Nick, the trio have been in Hollywood since they were six years old. Over the years, fans have watched them mature into beautiful young men. His musical and acting projects propelled his career to global stardom. Because of this, female fans are now obsessed with every merchandise that has anything to do with Jonas.

Being a super hunk in Hollywood might not be as stylish as it sounds. At a very young age, these teen idols have already been thrown into the crazy world of popularity and fame. The girls swarm around them, everyone tells them how successful they can be, and then there’s the impeccably clean image they need to maintain. Most of the time, they could only go shirtless to movies and photo shoots to maintain the healthy reputation they project. They may not be able to fully enjoy the joy of being young, hot, and stuffy because the paparazzi stalk them wherever they go. When they’re at the beach, these shirtless teen idols get photographed and almost everything about them gets talked about. This is the price of fame.

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