Real Estate

How to Create Great Real Estate Brochures

As an agent, investor, or homeowner looking to sell your home or investment property, you need superior marketing material. What marketing materials do you use? Do you outsource your marketing? Is it time consuming and expensive? If you answered these questions with a YES or would you like to take more control of your marketing…


A life of professionalism

Have you ever heard the terms “live life by professional standards and not as a hobbyist by hobbyist standards”? Well, this article will give an ancient but genuinely functional meaning to that saying that should be taken lightly and light shine on it for all to see. Or to quote a line from the song…


The Ultimate Master Teacher

What makes a leading teacher? The current thinking of educators focuses on seven key characteristics. They are as follows: 1. Create an atmosphere, environment, and attitude of learning. 2. Establish a reason to learn 3. Teach students to learn 4. Inspire students to achieve 5. Establish responsibility for learning 6. Continually check learning achievements 7….