4 things to do on Mahe in the Seychelles

As the largest island in the archipelago and arguably the most convenient, being home to a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment venues, as well as the region’s international airport, Mahe is a popular choice for travelers heading to the Seychelles to spend your holidays. .

The island is also home to some of the best hotels in the Seychelles, either beachfront for a stunning view of the pristine ocean, or further inland, within easy reach of all the island’s exciting sights for a livelier stay. It is also an island with a wide variety of activities to partake in, and here are 4 recommendations for things to do on your trip to these beautiful islands.

The first thing to do in Mahe is to explore some of its beautiful beaches, which boast stunning white sands lapped gently by the blue Indian Ocean. Although the beaches of Mahe Island do not receive as much publicity as those of other nearby islands, they are still spectacular and perfectly suited to its exotic location on the island.

There are over 60 beaches and coves on Mahe, which means that although this is possibly the busiest island in the archipelago, anyone who wants to find a relatively private place to relax and enjoy their holiday is sure to find it, even if it means wandering around. . Outside the main tourist spot.

Some of the best Seychelles hotels here offer beachfront locations, which is perfect for those who prefer to stay closer to where they are staying to enjoy the beaches of this tropical island.

After spending some time lounging on the beach, or even enjoying a sunrise jog on the sand while no one is around, the next thing is to enjoy a hike in the mountains, which is recommended even for those who count less among themselves. adventurous and less sporty of vacationers.

Mahe offers not only beaches, but also mountains and jungle, and it would be a shame to travel so far and miss out on some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. There are guided tours here to cater for walkers of all skill levels, and some of the vantage points allow visitors to admire the beauty of the Seychelles from above, a truly unmissable experience.

Mahe also has some fantastic cultural venues, often accessible from some of the best Seychelles hotels to be found here. For a quick and easy day trip, ask your hotel receptionist what they recommend within walking distance of your location so you can discover some of the charm and local culture of this unique corner of the world.

One of the main attractions is the Mahe Natural History Museum, which houses exhibits detailing the geological history of the Seychelles along with the flora and fauna that are unique to these islands. This museum also provides insight into how the locals strive to preserve their environment for generations to come.

A fourth and final activity to partake in here is to see the giant Aldabra tortoises, which can be found on many islands in the Seychelles, but especially on Mahe. These can be seen by visiting the Botanic Gardens on the island, but there are also other hot spots that the locals will be able to recommend on your visit.

Whether you decide to stay in one of the best Seychelles hotels on Mahe, or spend your vacation money on all possible exhibitions, cultural events and excursions, you are sure to enjoy your time here; Mahe boasts not only beautiful beaches and scenery, but also captivating wildlife and cultural features that will bring you many happy memories.

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