Fun facts about France: not misconceptions

There are a lot of fun facts about France, but at the same time people also have a lot of misconceptions about this country. To get acquainted with the fact of France, we need to do some research about this mountainous region. It is not only mountainous but also splendid with its rich and varied heritage.

France is located in Western Europe surrounded by six countries, namely Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. Its mountainous regions are the Alps, Auvergne, Massif Central, Jura, Morvan, Pyrenees, Vosges and Corsica.

Famous UNESCO world heritage sites in France include the Mont St. Michel Abbey, the Palace of Versailles, and the Chartres Cathedral, to name a few. Ultimately, France is a country of cultural heritage and well worth a visit.

It has been well equipped with many modern wonders such as the Millau Viaduct, a suspension bridge supported by seven piers at a height of 885 feet above the River Tarn that spans a mile and a half in distance. This is even taller than the great Eiffel Tower and is surely the best tourist attraction ever. This marvel was made available to the public in 2004.

The next step to experience is the train ride on the TGV, a very high-speed train that is the greatest pride of France. It could travel over 200 miles per hour and holds the world record for covering 500 mph. Connect Paris with Avignon in less than 3 hours. Isn’t it wonderful to travel on the TGV? You can only do this in France.

If you are a lover of air travel, try the famous airbus Toulouse, which has been the home of airbus industries since 2005. Its length could be measured from one pole to another of a football field and its wings measure 262 feet. Its accommodation space can be between 550 and 840 passengers and it flies a distance of 10,000 miles.

France prides itself on being one of the largest wine-producing countries in the world. Here you get the best of wine and if you are looking for good restaurants, you have found them. France has the most Michelin-starred restaurants of any place in the world. France boasts of its more than 500 different cheeses.

For those who love shopping, it has everything from arts and crafts to jewelry and clothing for occasions or gifts, all available in abundance to satisfy all your needs. The world’s most famous glass and wine are at your fingertips in this world-famous nation.

France is full of many surprises and storied pasts. There are many more interesting facts about France that one has to explore and keep exploring to find. The more you explore, the more you will discover intriguing facts about France.

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