Do you want protection while browsing? A proxy server is your friend in need

A proxy server is basically a software system that acts as an intermediary between any endpoint device and the server from which a service has been requested. One of the main advantages of proxy servers is that their cache can be adapted to the requirements of all users. Private proxy servers are dedicated IP addresses that can only be used by one user at a time to hide the assigned IP address. Basically, there are three types of proxies: forward, reverse, and tunneling proxies. These servers have the function of intercepting the sender-receiver connection. Different ports are used for incoming and outgoing data and thus direct connection between two different networks is avoided. This eliminates the chances of hackers obtaining the internal address or any other private information. The proxy server can be included in the firewall components.


Some of the main advantages of a private proxy server are listed below:

1. Users achieve a fast speed during browsing that will not be hampered even in peak hours. This is because you have the entire service to yourself. There is always an issue of speed in public

2. Completely hides your geographic location and IP address, which will make the servers look like you are not using any proxy.

3. You can have unlimited bandwidth during the subscription period.

4. They offer you protection through HTTPS and HTTP protocol for every website you visit.


You should buy proxies for the protection they provide against hackers and suspicious websites. Business-related searches force you to use them. If you want to browse the Internet undetected, proxies are the first requirement. They are necessary to remove the Internet anonymously. They are also necessary when you want to hide your location and browse at high speed.


1. Public proxies, although free, should be your last option as they slow down speed and performance as many people rely on the same connection.

2. Bandwidth should be the first thing to consider during the purchase. After all, you will have to share the connection on a public proxy and the low bandwidth offered can slow down your work.

3. Free public proxies are slow and mostly cause unwanted issues and are less secure


The following points should be noted during purchase-

1. Location – Choose the proxy location around your geographic location.

2. Reliability and speed are the most important factors to consider.

3. The security offered is equally important. After all, this is the basic function of such servers.

4. The customer support services provided by your proxy provider is also a factor that you need to consider as you will need support if something falls short or any issues arise.

5. Last but not least, the price must also be considered and the important part must be considered.

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