Improve recovery times with flotation therapy

The Golden State Warriors are the winners of the 2017 NBA playoffs. Stephen Curry, one of the team’s most popular players, helps help the team to victory. No doubt fans around the world are interested in everything the player does; however, many are unaware that Curry uses flotation therapy as a way to help his…


Stop keeping your business a secret

Prove your value and get on the radar of potential customers. Your business should not be a secret. It’s time to STOP hiding! If you don’t let people know you exist, who will? Getting out there and being seen and heard by your target audience is how you reveal your industry expertise and build your…

Digital Marketing

Ginger or Mary Ann? yahoo! answers

For those who don’t know, Yahoo! Answers is (quoting their official blog) “a place where people ask each other questions on any topic and get answers by sharing facts, opinions, and personal experiences.” I hadn’t paid much attention to Yahoo! Answers until Danny Sullivan talked about it recently at the May SES Conference in Seattle….


Dutch Ovens – The Basics

The Dutch oven is perhaps one of the most versatile cookware of all time. The first sign of use of Dutch ovens is said to date back to the 1600s in the Netherlands. It has been used in various settings throughout history and is still used today to boil, steam, fry, and even bake foods….